Thursday, October 24, 2013

Write at the Merge, Week 43

 This week, we’re offering you a photo of falling leaves on a deck — it could be pine but really I just liked the photo — and the word “pine” itself.

Word count 246

Storm Brewing



“There’s a cold front coming in and there’s three pieces of oak in the wood bin. I thought you had a couple of cords of seasoned oak coming.” she said.
Dan looked at her and said, “It’ll be here in a day or two, nobody knew it was going to get this cold so soon.”
“Well I’m not going to freeze my ass off like I did last year!”
“We could snuggle to keep warm.” he said with a grin.
“That’s not going to do a damn thing for me while you’re off to work. I’m going to use some of that pine we have stockpiled.”
Dan’s grin faded.
“That pine is for emergencies, besides pine will creosote the chimney something terrible.”
“You don’t consider this an emergency?”
He just said, “We burn oak or nothing!”
Margaret reached down to the wood bin, grabbed the hatchet and headed toward Dan who shrank away. Dan knew better than to mess with her when she had that gleam in her eye, especially with that hatchet in her hand. He remembered what happened the last time. She went by him brandishing the hatchet and an evil smile. There were several minutes of hacking and swearing coming from the next room. Dan knew better than investigate. Moments later he saw Margaret come in with an armload of oak firewood.
“Where the hell did that come from?”
Margaret just glared at him, “It’s the first of the kitchen chairs.”


  1. Nice! Even without being in this particular situation, I think all married people understand that exact dynamic — knowing when the other person has reached the point where you have to keep your mouth shut!

    1. Thanks, I'd have let her burn the pine.

  2. Well, at least Dan married a practical woman! This was a good setup, a good lead into a novel or short story.

    1. It was semi inspired by a Bill Morrisey song call Birches.
      Thanks for the comment.